Battery chargers series XE

Serie XE 

Fields of application

Fully automatic battery chargers of the XE series are – depending on the type – designed for charging of 12 volts batteries (lead-acid) with a capacity of 2 to 120 ampere hours (Ah). They are particularly suited for charging of Gel- and maintenance free batteries (SLA, VRSLA, AGP, GEL).

Fields of application: cars, diesel-cars, vans, mobile homes, scooters, motorbikes, quads, motorboats, sailing boats, sporting aeroplanes, modelling, lawn mowers, and many others.

Selector switch

The units are serially furnished with a selector switch for charging of car and motorbike batteries.

Types and technical details

  XE 800 XE 1000 XE 1200
Mains voltage 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz
Charging voltage 12 volts 12 volts 12 volts
Protection class II II II
Charging characteristic WUa acc. to DIN 41772 WUa acc. to DIN 41772 WUa acc. to DIN 41772
With selector switch Car Car Car
Charging current (eff) 8,0 A 10,0 A 12,0 A
Battery capacities 20Ah-80Ah 25Ah-100Ah 30Ah-120Ah
With selector switch Motorbike Motorbike Motorbike
Charging current (eff) 3,5 A 3,5 A 3,5 A
Battery capacities 5Ah-20Ah 5Ah-20Ah 5Ah-20Ah

Indication of the charging level

The charging process is displayed by means of two LEDs. A yellow LED indicates that battery charging is in progress. A green LED indicates the end of the charging process and floating (maintenance charging). A second, green LED indicates that the charger is operational.

Battery tester

The state of charge (SOC) is displayed by two LEDs. A green LED indicates that the battery is fully charged. A yellow LED recommends to charge the battery.

Floating (maintenance charging)

After the battery is charged by 100% an automatic change to floating at a constant voltage of 13.6 volts takes place. Drawing of energy from the battery during maintenance charging automatically switches back to normal charging.


Protection against reverse polarity

The battery clips remain voltage-free until correctly connected to the battery. Only now charging begins. Thus a short circuit or sparks at the battery clips are not possible.

In addition a red LED warns against reverse polarity connection of the battery clips. Alternatively a buzzer can be furnished to warn against reverse polarity.

Protection and safety

The battery chargers of the XE series are protected against overload by an integrated, electronic component.

The mains - safety transformers comply with the European norms. The transformers are protected against overload, overheating and short circuit by a temperature- and current sensitive component. After cooling down of the transformer and disconnecting from mains the component is set back automatically; the charger is fully operational again.

In addition all chargers are equipped with fully insulated battery clips.


The battery chargers comply with the European Norms and are approved by all European testing laboratories with European and national test marks.

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